The Orkut Messenger – ScrapBoy

Overview : Scrapboy enables you to send and receive instant scraps in the Orkut website without a web browser.

Scrapboy – Features
  • Convenience – Your Orkut friends are pre-loaded into Scrapboy so sending a scrap or opening a scrapbook is just a click away.
  • Speed – New scraps appear on your screen as they arrive. Scrapboy reads your best friends’ scrapbooks continuously and notifies you of new scraps.
  • Fun – Add emoticons, color and formatting to your scraps with ease.
  • Free – This software is absolutely for free (freeware)
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  1. pavan says:

    HI how to login in scrapboy. it says userid/email. i tried putting userid/email seperately and also both with / whatever its not working. anything else i have to follow.

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