Orkut Scrapbook Auto Refresher

Orkut Scrapbook auto refresher is a simple page which refreshes your scrapbook after a interval of 15 seconds. This is just to make orkutting easier during a conversation since you need not press the refresh button again and again to check if you have received any new scraps.

» Instructions

  • Make sure you are logged into orkut
  • Navigate to this link – Scrapbook Auto Refresher
  • The page would keep on refreshing after 15 seconds

» Release Notes

You cannot scrap anyone from the ‘scrapbook auto refresher page’. You have to open a new window or a new tab if you want to scrap anyone. This page is only to check the status of your scraps.

Thanks – Ravi Kishen

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  1. vishal says:


    I need to refresh page of one community which provides stock calls.

    I want this community page to refresh every 15 sec…how do it do it in explorer.

    My firefox is giving some problem, hence am not able to do it on firefox.


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