Block Irritating Orkut Ads in Communities

This hack allows you to block all advertisements in orkut giving it a cleaner look. This hack uses a greasemonkey script which blocks Google ads from showing up on orkut

» Installation Instructions

This hack is not compatible with Internet Explorer since it uses Greasemonkey, a Firefox Add-on. If you want to enjoy this and countless other hacks then switch to Firefox

» Credits

This script was created by Vijay Bhaskar

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  1. Darnell Clayton says:

    Hey, this is Darnell (from Inside Orkut).

    Although the adds may be irritating to some people, they basically keep Orkut alive (as Google has to eat as well).

    Before the ads, the “bad, bad, server. No donut for you!” errors were all over the place.

    Now that the ads are in place, I’ve seen less errors and more features.

    So, all in all I think they are a good thing. After all, wouldn’t you like to be paid for your blog content? (on your blog)


    Nice blog by the way. :-)

    Good to see another Orkut blog around.

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