Live Cricket Scores On Your Orkut Profile

World Cup Fever is Catching, how can Orkut freaks refrain from it. This amazing software provides you with live cricket scores displayed on your profile. Though India Has Crashed Out of The world cup but we would still like to show off our unique display of Cricket Score in our profiles

» Features

This Software provides you with three options (refer the above screen shot)

  • Live Score
  • Player’s Individual Score
  • Teams Playing the Match

» Installation Instructions

  • Install the Cricket Scorer Software
  • Just Open the Rar file, and extract the folder
  • Open the folder and extract the cab file
  • Now install the application by clicking on the scorer
  • Login to your orkut account in the scorer
  • Select the option of the score you want to display
  • Click icon and check your orkut profile and enjoy the live scores

» Useful Links

Bad Boy Scorer – Download
Torkut – Orkut Community
Torkut – Official Website

» Credits

This software has been created by Bad Boy

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  1. mahesh says:

    Another way to get cricket scores is to add to your gmail chat or gtalk buddy list. then send “score” (without the quotes) to it and it will reply back with the current score.

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