Scrap Flooding Software – Super Scrap Flooder

Super Scrap flooder software floods your or your friend’s scrapbook. This may look like the safest of the lot considering it’s time pause interval between the flooding which keeps at par the risk of profile ban as a result of mass scrap flooding.

Using this software is quite easy and is very less bothering.It floods continuously till the 6th minute and then takes a rest of 10 minutes just to make sure your account is not banned. After that period of rest, it restarts its job.

» Installation and Usage Instructions

  • Download the Super Scrap flooder
  • Launch the application and log in to your Account
  • Visit the scrapbook you want to flood.
  • Click on the Start Button
  • It would flood the scrapbook for 6 Minutes.
  • The flooder Automatically pauses and takes a rest of 10 minutes
  • Use this again and again to flood your or your friend’s scraps

» Credits

This software has been created by Popeye

» Notes and Updates

Scrap flooder softwares don’t work anymore since orkut changes codes every now and then. You may navigate here to use working scrap and video flooders.

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  1. Arpit says:

    Hey Its Arpit from lko !!

    i am regular visitor of ur webiste !!

    i want to know That !

    that new soft MAss profile creator versio-6 !!

    is not so fast !! plz suggest a good pro maker!!

    i have tried all

  2. @Arpit: Can show me a faster one please?
    PHP ones are there but the fakes made by those get deleted in minutes. If you make by this, then atleast they live for some hours.

  3. Nice post but these tricks for orkut flooding do not work for me..

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