Profiles on Orkut’s Front Page

I am jealous, sure you’d be too. Your face could have been one of them, but as always, orkut just keeps us waiting and leaves us praying that may be, next time it’ll be me on that wonderful front page.

Profiles of those on the front page – Not in any specific order

Let us wish, in case orkut changes it’s front page, i get to see my face on it and you guys search for my real profile

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  2 Comments on this Article.

  1. ∂нєєяคj-ipf™ says:

    lol check Pedram’s profile
    he has added link of facebook

    i must say not a loyal person atleast for orkut

    lol :D

  2. Gaurav Dua says:

    @dheeraj – some time back Pedram quit Google to join facebook. Now you know the reason ;)

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