Some One Created Your Fake Profile – How to Get it Removed?

» Some Created My Fake Profile – What to Do?

It is not a tough job to get a fake profile removed from orkut. The simplest step which would do is to scan and send your identity card to orkut staff. Use this form. You may also like to put additional pressure on orkut staff and the fake profile maker by following these below stated instructions to get the result quickly in your favor

» Flag the Profile | Report Abuse

  • Go to the fake profile
  • Select Report Abuse Option in that profile
  • This Would take you To The Page Shown in the Screen shot Below

  • Choose the option which defines your problem the best
  • Now Fill in the Details and make Sure you do your best to let orkut staff believe your plea

» Alert Your Friends

A friend in need is a friend in Deed.Remember the quote? Now Let all your friends know about your problem and request them to perform the same step above as you did.The more complaints, orkut staff will be more quick in their actions.

You may like to inform all your friends about your problem by sending same scrap to all your friends with a single click or prefer sending an e-mail because it will remain a secret and the fake profile owner will not smell any activity.

» Help From Anti-Fake Profile Communities

There are some of communities on orkut which aim at demolishing the fake profiles which trouble the members. These may come in handy in your quest to kick the criminal act and safeguard your dignity.

I Hate Fake Orkut Profiles is one of the orkut community which aim’s at ending fake profiles from orkut. All you need is to :

  • Join the Community
  • Post the Request as a new topic
  • Leave Rest to the community members.

» Wait and Relax

Give Google a time of two weeks to act on your query. In case you don’t receive any response from them, then contact them directly over here

» Intense Situations – Immediate Action

Is the loser displaying your private info or abusing your name for bad, pornographic activities? Let the sucker know the consequences. It’s the time to call the cops. You can also file a cyber complaint here (if you live in India) and if your area comes under FBI Jurisdiction, navigate here to file a cyber complaint

» Notes

To keep the ball in your court, never try to hack the fake account, harass or threaten the hacker or spam his scrapbook or abuse/curse Google in any way.

» Credits and Reference

This Post is inspired from the one Darnell posted over at Inside Orkut

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  1. vasanth says:

    i cannot add a friend

  2. Naveen says:

    my photo is used by other person n created a new profile in my name wit improper content…wat should i do now pls help me…

  3. ai-sha says:

    some one has created my fake profile on orkut
    and has uploaded my pictures.
    what should i do?
    help me immediately.

  4. Shekhar Vishwakarma says:

    hi dear

    this is to inform that someone has got my friends’ photos and it’s been used to create fake orkut accounts. it is highly shameful matter that innocent girls who are nt able to use internet hailing to town kota bilaspur cg.

    their photos have been exposed from a college picnic and used as id fake photo. those persons are now sending abuse.

    kindly take action against the same.

    here are the links

    with great request
    Shekhar Vishwakarma

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