Orkut Poll Flooder – 31 Votes From One Profile

» About

This hack allows you to flood votes in orkut polls thus being the fastest and easiest way to win orkut contests. This javascript allows you to flood 31 votes with one profile.

» Instructions

  • Download this Notepad Text file
  • Run the script in your address
  • Now you’ll be asked which option to flood
  • Enter The Numeric Value ( example – For 3rd Option = 3 )
  • Now, you’ll be asked how many votes to flood
  • Choose any range between 1 and 31 and wait for 2-3 seconds
  • The option will be flooded with 31 votes

» Notes and Updates

This hack is not working anymore. You can browse other working hacks and scripts till we find a way out for this hack.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how to do this?

  2. ashwin says:

    this does not work…

  3. BKC says:

    doesnt work….

  4. Shinystar says:

    it doesnt workin…
    help me plsh

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