Featuring – The Highest Scrap Holders on Orkut

A Competition in Everything, that is the saga for the new generation. Even scraps are in competition and this is going to surprise you big time. These guys at orkut use scrap book flooders and the most amazing part of the show is, they spend 99% of their life on orkut in flooding their scraps. On an average, they flood 13 Million Scraps in One Week. Crazy isn’t it?

We decided to collect some data and feature a list of top scrap holders on orkut. Here is a comprehensive list as on 26-05-2007 featuring the top scrap holders on orkut in ascending order

» Highest Scrap Holders

01Pacheco60,504,335 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

02Junior Antunes52,463,813 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

03Kwenks47,820,460 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

04Thulio30,640,941 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

05- Morpheus Matrix24,215,647 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

06Marcio- 22,765,266 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

07Guto22,136,110 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

08- Valquiria Saito21,877,088 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

09Naughty Devil – 20,026,040 Scraps | Pakistan | Profile

10- *•BrN•*BP*20,020,619 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

11Edu19,170,497 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

12Marcos Pedro18,729,270 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

13- Prateek - 18,496,747 Scraps | India | Profile

14Rodrigo Rox17,015,891 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

15Alex 1/215,749,585 Scraps | Brazil | Profile

There is a complete forum set up to track the standings for this competition. You can visit Ranking The Scraps forum and get all the information and updates on the same competition. Alternately, you can get all the updates on their Orkut Community as well.

» Useful Links

Orkut Community – Pacheco Fan Club
Orkut Community – Ranking of Scraps
Ranking of Scraps (Website) – Portuguese | English

» Update

Thanks to this logically perfect thinking by orkut, these competitions have now come to an end on orkut.

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  1. useless !!!!!!!
    no flooding works now except d orkut theme scrap……..
    ranking n all?no use at all!

  2. hello says:

    no flooding is working….. plz chck it

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