Breaking News : Orkut Moderators and Admins May be Hacked

“Exclusive inside news FIRST being made public on Orkut Plus!

Darnell over at Inside Orkut doubted if the Orkut security was compromised as we experienced immediate deletion of many hate communities in a very short span of time. The doubt grew more prominent when news broke out that Orkut’s First community “Stanford University” was deleted. After a brief span, the Stanford community was restored.

No one could have dealt with the evidences and confessions more closely than we did – Orkut Plus!

A shocking thriller came from the inside sources that it was a most probable case that more of the Orkut Admins were hacked. Orkut Administrative Section has some employees called Customer Experience Representative’s and other content monitoring staff. It is highly possible that some people have acquired access to details using social engineering techniques like cookie stealing and phishing.

As an example, A member got access to the account of the Orkut Staff representative Shanon and deleted many communities, most of them hate communities. Along with it, the “Stanford University” community was also deleted.

Orkut should encourage these employees to reset their login details and their cookies. There is high probability that some people are still holding access to such accounts.

I wish Orkut staff takes care of such issues and take them very seriously as privacy and security of Millions of orkut users can possibly be compromised.

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