What to Do if Your Greasemonkey Crashes When Ever You Install Any Script !

This is a big time error which disables your browsers ability to install most of the grease monkey scripts. Basically, this error corrupts your grease monkey and vanishes all the scripts from your GM. There are many Orkut members who are facing a problem of installing Grease monkey Scripts due to this error, we hope this is the last of all of your Firefox Issues.

Checking if your Firefox Supports Multiple Profiles

  • Right Click on My Computer
  • Choose it’s properties and Navigate to Advanced tab

  • In the advanced tab, choose Environment Variables Option
  • In the environment variables window, look for moz_no_remote and it must have a value = 1

  • In case, there is no moz_no_remote then create it by selecting new.
  • Fill in the variable name as moz_no_remote and fill variable value = 1
  • Close it down by selecting OK
Step 2 : Creating a New profile in Firefox
  • Navigate to the Firefox destination, ie, where your firefox folder is stored.
  • Default link if you have not changed the path – C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  • Right click on the Firefox application and choose send to – Desktop (create shortcut)

  • Now, right click on the shortcut in desktop and select properties.
  • Add -p in the target as shown in screenshot above.
  • Now close it by choosing OK

  • Open the shortcut to see a window as shown in screen shot above.This is an option to make a new profile.
  • Just choose Create profile option and follow the instructions to create one.
  • That is all, Now you need to install Grease monkey again and it’ll work as good as ever.
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  2. mukund says:

    sir i m nt able to add -p in the target…..pls help me

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      @mukund – make sure you add a space before -p.

      For my PC, the target link comes out to be:

      “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -p

      Let me know if you face any problem..

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