The Flood Machine (FM) – Fastest Orkut Scrap Flooder Ever Created

» About

The Flood Machine, commonly called as FM on orkut is the master of all, the emperor of scrap flooders on orkut . This is one of the most awaited software for orkut. It floods your scrapbook like no other software or script. If you remember, we featured the Highest Scrap Holders on orkut and we promised to provide you with the software they used. Here we go, completing our promise. The Flood Machine is Now Public.

» Instructions

  • Download Flood Machine – Click Here
  • For instructions on how to use this software, you need to navigate to this post which explains each and every step in detail.
  • If you face any problem relating the same, leave a comment on the site itself.

» Credits

The Flood Machine Has Been Created By Vijay Bhaskar

» Notes and Updates

Flood Machine is not working anymore. You can search the site for scrap and video flooders (javascripts) to flood your scraps or videos respectively.

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  1. abhi says:

    how can i flood my scraps plzz tell me …

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