Quickly Delete All Messages in Your Orkut Inbox With Rapid Message Deleter

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This userscript will clean all the messages in your orkut inbox. A very handy script if you ask me if you have to deal with thousands of junk messages lying in your inbox and you are sick of deleting them manually. This script should not be misunderstood with the one for mass deleting scraps in no time.

» Instructions

This hack is not compatible with Internet Explorer since it uses Greasemonkey, a Firefox Add-on. If you want to enjoy this and countless other hacks then Switch to Firefox.

» Credits

This script has been written by Rahul Bhansal

Gaurav DuaOrkut Guru546 Points
22, Webmaster and Businessman. Based in Jammu, J&K – India
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  1. KRYTON says:

    jus likin this a lot…..gr8 stuff maan!!!keep up the good work

  2. surya says:

    saved lot of my time – THNX

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