Scrap Flood Monster – The Flood Machine

New Orkut theme, Flood Machine died. Don’t worry, another flood machine is in town. Interface looks much user friendly and the operation seems to be a simpler one.

» Installation and Usage Instructions

  • Download the flood machine
  • Make sure you have java runtime environment installed. In case not, Download it here
  • Now when you open it, you would show up a screen, as shown in screen shot above
  • The Best part of this FM is that you only need to enter the first login ID and Last login ID.
  • It would include all the login IDs between the two IDs.
  • This is also a big limitation, that you need to have IDs in series ie – if your first id is and second ID is – FM would input all email ID’s from 1-100.
  • User ID = User ID of Profile you want to flood.
  • Delay = 800 or 1200 as per your internet speed
  • No of Scraps Per ID = 150 (Do Not Exceed This)

» Credits

This FM has been created by Tree
Gaurav DuaOrkut Guru546 Points
22, Webmaster and Businessman. Based in Jammu, J&K – India
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  1. Hell:( gautam help me na nothng is working can u make some fakes for me plxx:(

  2. @Faraz Ahmed: This version may have stopped working. You make use this PHP Version made by us:

  3. fernando says:

    oi por favor alguei poderia colocar como usa o flood machini esplicando mais em portugues abraço sem mais

  4. Riaz Khan says:

    ********** is null or not an object bolkar error dokhara.. cant u help his out man

  5. adil says:

    what is this First login id nd Second login id…i cant get that can u help me plz….

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