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Auto Poll Contest Voter allows you to vote on a particular poll in any community using fakes. This is a very efficient and easy method to win without letting anyone know of anything mischievous and keeping out the pain of requesting friends again and again to vote for you . The only drawback of this software is that it doesn’t have a feature to comment on the poll, so not much useful where you have a compulsion to comment after vote.

» Instructions

» Using the Software

  • Launch the application. (refer above screenshot)
  • Email is divided into 3 parts – name, number, email service (Example – orkutplus 1
  • Now fill in the email address field.
  • Password is to be inserted in the fourth box (Password box)
  • Community ID should be inserted in 5th One.
  • If is the community url then 25675519 is the Community ID.

  • Poll ID should be placed in the respecting field. When you open the poll, check the address bar for a link like this
  • Here, pid is the poll ID which is 379660623 in the above case.
  • Pct can similarly be found, which is 1186130579379660623 in this case.
  • Poll option number is the poll option you want to vote for.
  • After Each Vote, You Will need to click on the start button.

Thanks – Gautam

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  1. Alone says:

    not working giving Unhandled error .. i hav .net framework but is still not working .. why .. ?

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