Album Hack – View Locked Albums!

Update 2 – Unlock Locked Albums Permanently – Userscript

Update 1- Script Updated (Thanks Rahul Bhansal)

Qn : Why are You making this Hack Public? Dont you think this can result in Bad Consequences?

Ans: The reason(s) behind making this hack public:

  • To Aware Orkut Staff about the loop hole and a hope that it will be fixed as soon as possible
  • To Aware the ladies out there about the issue and the fact that their privacy, pics can be at stake.

How To Use this Hack?


  • Navigate to the profile which has disallowed non-friends to view his/her album
  • Run this script in the address bar
  • Wait for 4-5 seconds and all the pics in the album will be displayed.

Warning : Do not ever try to misuse this hack as this may easily result in bitter consequences.

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  37 Comments on this Article.

  1. Anonymous says:

    its not working its a joke to hack our orkut id’si u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……………….??????????????????????

  2. soniya says:

    it an’t working :( :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    not working now.. tried a lot.. plz work on it..:)

  4. monu says:

    can u plz post or mail me the new method to get into a album. its really important. i m not doing this for the sake of peeping in some1′s personal life. i need it really badly.

  5. sapna nagpal says:

    hello gaurav,
    myself sapna nagpal.pls i need ur help..i beg u for this.m in gr8 boyfrnd locked photos in his album. i cant view them.pls tell me sumthing by which i can view locked photos..pls help me i beg u for this.

  6. MANU says:

    Can’t help you with that. You cannot view locked albums unless your are a friend of that profile user.plz tell me the way how i can see the snaps of locked album.

  7. ravindra says:

    hello basically i am a non IT guy could you assist me few steps like not in IT language.

  8. jyoti says:

    this is not working..pls help…

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