It’s All Over! No More Scrap Flooding on Orkut

Finally we are seeing an end to scrap flooding on orkut. The race is now over. Orkut kept changing their codes, disabling the effect of the flooders which were updated again and again. Now, a simple but genius thought has put and end to all this.

» How?

If you flood your scraps beyond 100,000 they will now be shown as 100,000+ . So the hard work of all those heroes who were in a race of the top scrap holders on orkut has finally come to an end.

» Whats Next?

The brave men on orkut are revolting against this new feature and putting forward their points. You can catch the whole (revolt) discussion at the orkut help group and here is something official, which orkut guide had to say replying to the strong opposition of the feature

» Official Word from Orkut Guide:

Thanks to everyone for their input. Seems like a hot issue since even
those who haven’t reached the limits are writing in. As Rakesh et al
mentioned, we’ve put this limit in place to help curb automated
spamming on the site (which is against our Terms of Service and can
also have consequences for email servers, etc.) – read more

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