Virus, Keylogger In Your Scraps?

A Virus, Keylogger is on your way, the latest bad man tool on orkut. Most of the time, it is hyperlinked with the an image of a video player (refer screenshot above). If you click on the image it redirects you to a site which tries to install something on your computer. Norton AntiVirus detects it as a Keylogger and Mcafee as Malware. (Thanks Evil for bringing it to our attention)

» Safeguard Your Privacy – Some Routine Tips

  • You must have a good anti virus installed
  • Avoid clicking on links scrapped to you by unknown members.
  • Avoid navigating to the links scrapped from your friends – There may be a great possibility that your friend is actually not your friend and someone else.
  • You must avoid surfing unknown scrapbooks since these scraps execute an embed scrap all which sends the same scrap to your friends from your profile without letting you know anything.
  • Please refer to this post for the perfect safeguarding tool against this attack

» Notes and Updates

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  1. atmaram says:

    I am not able to login from my system in orkut.
    It will say “Orkut is sending the jammer worm”
    Even i tried antivirus- AVG/norton/Antivir/nod32
    not able to get it done
    Even if i type orkut in google e\search , it will show the same message

  2. [...] This is orkut’s way of curbing spam and execution of malicious javascripts or keyloggers and virus attacks [...]

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