Organize Your Orkut Albums Easily With Multiple Sub-Albums Feature

If you ever wondered where those 1000 pics in album would fit in, or wouldn’t it be a mess navigating within that huge number then here is a twist. Orkut has now added a new feature which enables you to organize your orkut albums.

Orkut’s Take :

Now that you can have 100 photos, we thought you might want to organize them into multiple albums to make it easier for you and others to enjoy. We were looking for ways to group all of our photos on orkut based on the different experiences that they shared. Today, orkut will be launching Photo Albums! Have many photos from a recent trip? Create an album specifically for that trip. Lots of pics from a recent night out with friends? Create another album with just those photos! – read more

You should expect new features now and then since orkut and facebook are at competition and even members are feeling the heat :o )

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    Yaar can someone advise me how to unlock an album on orkut… plzzz

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