What Scripts We Use to Spice Up Orkutting?

Many members query about the userscripts which i use for spicing my orkut life.Though i like to keep it simple, neat and clean but there are a certain scripts without which orkutting seems incomplete.

» Scrap Count on all pages : This script helps keeping you track of your scraps on all orkut pages. You can easily track any new scraps without checking your scrapbook again and again.

This adds the number of scraps alongside the scrapbook hot link on the top bar.

» Quote Messages in a Single Click
– This is one of my favourite scripts. I love using it because i love participating in community conversations. I would highly recommend you to use this one if you are a community talker

This Script Adds a Quote option alongside every reply in a topic so that you can easily quote the message and reply to a specific member’s message.

» Resize Orkut To Fit Best in Your Browser – Again, very handy script. I use it on my notebook to get the real feel of orkut.This script resizes orkut to fit best on your browser.

» Keyboard Shortcuts for Orkut
– Yay Yay! I feel damn lazy sometimes. These shortcuts come in handy.This user script gives us the option to use keyboard shortcuts for orkut, spicing up the orkutting experience. Just wonder where ever you are on orkut, just a ctrl+shift+s would open your scrapbook.

» Rapid-Scrap Deleter – No one is spared from the scrap all spam. So this script is a ‘boon’ and a must have.

» Last Page on Reply – When we post a reply, we wish to see the reply rather than navigating to the first page of the topic. So this script takes care of the issue, taking us to the last page of a topic in which we reply.

» New Orkut Toolbar – I use a customized version. I have removed the glittering and use the formatting bar which i relish using.

This script adds a New formatting bar for scraps on orkut. I recommend you to download this cool addon.

» Orkut Album Unlocker - This userscript once installed will automatically unlock the locked album everytime you click on locked album of any profile. I have Installed this script because i need to check if the hack is working or does the script need an upgrade.

And Yes, i dont have a scrap all friends script installed :0)

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  1. hux says:

    GAURUV BRo tell me how to create a GM script which workz dat ven we open http://www.orkut.com ,Then
    It Opens http://www.google.com INStead Of http://www.orkut.com

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