Gautam’s Mass Friend Acceptor – Software Review

Mass friend acceptor allows you to accept mass accept friend requests in no time. This accepts friends even if you have crossed the 1000 friends limit. This is a deadly combination with the mass friend adder since one will mass add friends and the other will mass accept pending friend requests.

» Software Review

This mass friend acceptor has been created by Gautam. The software has a very clean interface but can be confusing while operating and using options. The software has a very big plus point of having mass add integration. You need to enter emails to add them as friends. We used it to accept 41 pending requests and it completed the job within 2 minutes without giving any problem.

» Installation

» Using Mass Accept Friends

  • Enter your ID in the first column
  • Remove the 1 from the second column and enter your email service provider in third column.
  • Below the ID box, fill in your orkut password.
  • Choose Mass Accept Option and click start.
  • Wait to see the mass acceptor working

» Using Mass Add Friends

Enter the email addresses you want to add as your friends in the space provided below email service provider box
Choose mass add option or both if you want to mass add and mass accept simultaneously.

» Tips

If the software stops in between, change 0 to 2 just before mass add option.

» Verdict

I will give this one a 3.5 out of 5
  • Plus Points - Does the Job
  • Negative Points – Confusing (less detailed) Structure

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i dont see where the password is at … can you e mail me at

  2. neo says:

    i m getting some error when i click the start button for mass friend add.while i m clicking on that it is directly going to visual basic and it is showing some error.this is error which it is showing “document.forms[1].elements[2].value=’Emails to Add [Separated with space or comma]‘;”

  3. Gaurav says:

    @anon and @neo – while i check out the issue with the software. you can use this alternate as far as mass add is concerned –

    In case you wish to accept all friends, you can use this hack –

    Let me know if you face any other issue.

  4. Sundar says:

    Hi. In My sys the software is not working please help me i need it fast

  5. sri says:

    hey software working buthow cani add more friend

    and acceptor not working

  6. sonu kumar says:

    pls give me password hack software….

  7. prince says:

    i got a message while i add my friends ,adding of friends temporarily disabled

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