Get Orkut Scraps on Your Mobile – Receive Scraps Via SMS for Free

Scraps via SMSThis is a very cool hack which will enable you to receive your scraps on your mobiles via SMS. This hack may be very helpful for those who are on a vacation and cannot log in to their account gain and again to check their scraps. What’s the best part? You get all the updates on your mobile and you don’t spend a single penny except that one time initial registration fee. This is a very simple hack which uses services provided by Mytoday and Orkutfeeds. So, let’s get it working…

» Requirements

To execute this hack successfully, you will need an Indian network operated mobile phone.

» Instructions

  • Navigate to the Registration page of MyToday
  • Follow the the Instructions (plus read their terms of service)
  • SMS REG to 09845398453 or 575758 (Cost – Depends on Your Network Provider)
  • You will receive an SMS with your login details.
  • Navigate to their login page and enter the password you received

  • Select the Desired name.
  • Check the Send SMS option
  • Now, you need to get your scrapbook feed url. We will use orkutfeeds to get the feed url
  • Navigate to orkutFeeds and get your feed url. It will look something like

  • To directly get your feed id from this link, replace the value after uid%3D with your orkut userID
  • Now we have our feed ID which we are going to enter in the URL section of MyToday’s Feed Management Page
  • Click create to complete the hack.
  • You will now receive the scraps on your mobile via sms.

» Notes

Though this is a fantastic hack which will allow you to stay up to date with your orkut life at the same time it has some drawbacks.
  • Scraps sent to you via sms are 5-6 hours late.
  • The word limit is 71. So you wont get to read the full scrap if it exceeds 71 words.
  • This hack wont work if your scrapbook is locked.

» Credits

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  1. saurabh says:

    i followed all the steps but when i am entering the link provided above with my user id it is saying invalid feed please help….

  2. nazury2k says:

    hi saurabh even i face the same problem..can anyone help me plz..

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