The Latest (Future?) Orkut Worm is Coming…

Orkut Worm..Sounds Familiar? This is a much serious matter than the picture depicts. I received a scrap this evening inviting me to join a community which claimed to increase my fans, and providing tricks to view locked albums and scrapbooks. I did a little investigation to find out something interesting…

Key Observations

  • The Scrap was not sent by the person who actually scrapped me. Scary?
  • The linked community provided a userscript to increase my fans and ratings.

Contents – Userscript

  • The member who executed the userscript joined 15 communities.

  • Community Id’s are listed below.

22606693, 46336220, 22638695, 22627371, 33299589, 39739240, 37697593, 35937678, 29660199, 22751465, 45830696, 46132084, 33603426, 38577104, 43734200, 39159146, 47250768, 47253100, 47250548, 47259764, 47254588, 47253024

  • All communities were Owned by this Profile
  • Next, The user who executed the script sent the scrap with the same message to all his friends (Scrap All Friends)

  • The member executing the script was displayed a message to wait for 10 minutes to increase his/her fans and ratings while the embedded scrap all friends was doing it’s job of spreading the word further.

Preventive Measures

  • Do not execute scripts from unknown sources.
  • Avoid using scripts forwarded from friends.
  • Report orkut staff or inform us immediately if you find anything suspicious.
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  1. Joshva says:

    ya all the things in these post are real, i also did

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