Orkut Apps Go Live! Enjoy Them Before They Are Released In Your Country!

The much awaited orkut applications have come out of the sandbox and are now live. Though these applications are available only for Orkut members living in Estonia as of now but you can still enjoy and have a feel of these cool applications by changing your country to Estonia.

» Instructions

You can have a look and feel of orkut apps even before they are released to you. Follow this simple method to enjoy various interesting orkut applications

  • Change your country to Estonia
  • You will get an option to ‘add apps‘ in the left hand side menu
  • Click on the option to come to the application directory and choose the application you want to try
  • Enjoy yourself :D

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  1. rituraj says:

    but still its cheating
    thats what they are doing..copying facebook isnt it…??

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