Orkut Plus 2.0 …Eh! Cool? Tell Us What You Think?


After days and weeks and months of hard work, we have finally managed to display the whole picture in the frame. From designing the theme to converting the imagination into a perfect picture. Converting nearly 200 posts to suit this new look, finding updates for new userscripts, tricks and hacks and updating most of them. It has been a learning experience and we thank you for supporting us and not slamming us for not posting frequently (last couple of months)

There have been a lot of issues fixed in the past 48 hours. There were some alignment issues which were taken care off. When it looked that everything was fine, bandwidth issues pushed that opinion further from conclusion. We had to shift all the images and files to some other host.

» Known Issues

There are some known bugs which would need some mending and some with will need time to get fixed. Here are some of the common bugs we have noticed

» Sidebar Issue in IE 7 and IE 8

Right Sidebar falls down in IE7 and IE8. Looks good in IE6. These are known issues and will be taken care of sooner rather than later. This site has been designed to look best in Firefox

» Where are the Feed Subscribers Gone?

We had 999 feed subscribers when we manually paused the automated email system whenever a new post was submitted. Posted a few posts and activated the service once again. Early this morning, it showed 90 and now 357 readers by feedburner. Strange, it shows 1706 Subscribers in our control panel.

It is a known issue and hopefully fix on it’s own.

» Old Posts

There are a few posts left which need to be formatted to suit the new color scheme. We expect the work to finish in a day or two.

» Some ThankYou’s

This is the most important part. Thanking those who came to support us. We would like to thank all of you for making us worthy enough to buy our own domain. Indianpad(?) for teaching me everything i know today. Special thanks to it’s userforce for getting the best out of me. Thanks Darnell Clayton (InsideOrkut) for giving Orkut Plus! a push into the world wide web and being there to solve our problems and replying to countless emails and scraps :o )

Update – We missed the ‘biggest one’. All Credits to Mr Bean (Orkut Addons) for helping us uncountable times and suggesting and testing out the features plus selecting the domain name (.in or .org). This one would have not been possible without his support. Thank you once again :o )

» What’s Next?

First of all, we would like to jump back to posting some quality hacks which are lined up in queue. We are very sure thinking about another orkut dedicated project – HTMLorkut.com and a very high quality orkut proxy – meriproxy.com for all of you. :o )

» What do you think of our new design?

You can leave your opinion as comments or participate and vote…

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  1. सौरभ says:

    Jerry bhai, ekdam mindblowingggggggggggggggggg kar diya yaar aapne to blog. [:)]

    Superb, fantastic, extraordinary, zabardasttt…..

    aur yaad nahi aa rahe yaar aur words, sorry :P

    it has become more faster and looking awesome yaar

    feel free to advertise it in my community, u r always welcome :)

    bye take care

  2. Bean says:

    Good work Bro. Keep it up!

    Hoping that you fix up the issues soon :)

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