Add Co-Owners to Your Orkut Community – Excellent Feature With Some Risk Factors

Orkut just introduced a new feature which gives all orkut community owners the ability to add co-owners to handle their community better. This is a very helpful feature for guys like me who have to moderate communities with different profiles. This feature comes with a serious drawback, making this feature a risky one if used carelessly. Let us elaborate on the new feature and it’s risk factors.

» Add Co-Owners to Your Orkut Community

  • Navigate to your community homepage.
  • You will notice an option to add co-owners to the community just below the owner field.
  • Click on add co-owner option and you’ll be taken to a page shown in the screenshot below.

  • Search for the ‘potential co-owner’ and grant hin co-owner privileges.
  • That will do the job.

» Important Notes

  • You can have up-to two co-owners for a community.
  • A co-owner can perform all actions which the original owner performs.
  • However, a co-owner cannot ban the original owner from the community
  • A co-owner can delete all posts of the original owner from the community

» Risk Factors

Losing Your Community to co-owners – A co-owner can gain access of the community by removing original owner from the member list in a community. So make sure you choose your options wisely.
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  1. Aakash Basu says:

    Hey Gaurav ur adding co-ownership idea isnt working,so i cant add one of my besy friend as my co-owner,so plz help me out,whenever i’m searching his name, there’s showing no results, what can i do to ad a co-owner,plz help…….

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