Breaking News – India To Ban Facebook, Orkut and Foreign Social Networking Sites

The news coming in from some popular publications confirm that social networking sites like
orkut, facebook, hi5 are on their way to be banned in India due to security concerns. Orkut had been in the limelight most of the time for the bad reasons and the questions were raised every now an then debating if orkut was worth the gamble in India.

Tech2 Reports

“Sites such as Orkut and Facebook allow for heavily encrypted exchanges of information”, a highly placed source at the MHA told

The government has asked all Indian social networking sites such as, and to maintain records of all user activity including “change of status, profile picture, favorite sitcoms etc.” in keeping with the law of the land.

This is a much scarier matter for guys like me who have websites dedicated to orkut. Is it the end? What do you think? Sacrificing Entertainment Websites for the Security of a Nation..A Fair Deal?

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Tech2 for making (and confirming) the news public.
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