Fishy – Why Did Orkut Remove Edit All Photos Feature?

If you are unaware of the news then let us unveil the news which is circulating all over orkut. Orkut had a serious flaw in it’s Edit All Pictures Feature which it introduced few weeks back. Using that flaw, you could have performed following actions with the albums (pictures) of
any orkut member.

» Deleting Images in the Album

Using that flaw, you could have deleted images present in the orkut album of any member. Someone deleted all my pictures :(

» Editing Captions of The Images

Since the credits went to the edit all feature, it had to be that page where we can edit captions of each and every pic. Even Orkut Buyukkokten was not spared and had degroratory captions displayed on his pictures.

» View Locked Albums

Well, the best feature of this destructive hack was the ability to view locked albums.

» Selecting Album Cover

Setting the chosen picture as the album cover was another gift of this flaw.

This flaw was inefficient on profiles which had no images uploaded. Anyone exploiting this flaw was unable to upload any photograph though.

More than obvious, orkut has (temporarily?) removed this feature. Yeah, the one who coded this feature will have sleepless nights for some time now.

Rahul has covered this flaw in detail. You can read his post to know more about the flaw.

» Notes

This bug has been fixed temporarily since edit all feature has been removed as of now.

» Credits

Flaw Discovered By – Unknown. Flaw was brought to my attention and practically demonstrated on my profile by Mazhar Salam ;o)
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  1. Pascal says:

    orkut Blog

    Feature is back!

  2. HaSaN™ says:

    This flaw has been removed and the feature has been restored..

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