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Google has quietly launched the mobile version of orkut. Mobile version for Orkut was always in demand and now it has finally launched. You can browse the orkut mobile version by navigating to m.orkut.com . The mobile version has some drawbacks. Let us cover them briefly.

» Features

  • Orkut Profile
  • Scrapbook – Read and Write Scraps
  • Profile Search
  • Friend list
  • Updates from your friends
  • Birthday reminders
  • Pending friend requests – Accept Reject

» Drawbacks

  • Cannot access your communities, testimonials, and videos.
  • Cannot edit you orkut profile
  • Cannot create a new orkut profile

» Minimum Requirements for using Mobile Version of Orkut

» Easy Shortcuts While Orkutting Mobile

You can use these shortcuts for quick navigation while surfing orkut on your mobile.
  • 1 – Help
  • 3 – (F)riends
  • 5 – (L)ogout
  • 6 – (M)y Profile
  • 7 – (S)crapbook

Where 1.3.5,6 and 7 are your mobile numpad keys.

» Credits

Via Inside Orkut. Image Credits – Labnol (#) and Gizmodo (#)

» Useful Links

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