‘Status Message’ in Your Orkut Profile – Express Yourself Better

Orkut just introduced this awesome feature which allows you to set up a status message for your profile visitors. Using this feature, you can leave a message just below your profile name to let others know what you are doing at the moment or expressing their personal moods or just leave a message to visitors. Here is how you can access this awesome feature…

» Setting Up the Status Message

  • To use this feature, edit your profile
  • You will find this feature just below the name.
  • Fill in your message and update your profile to complete the procedure.

» Note

This feature is not yet live for all the profiles. You need to wait a day or two till orkut rolls it out for your profile.
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  9 Comments on this Article.

  1. Debajyoti says:

    Go to your Edit Profile Link…. If you can see ” Status Msg ” .. Write Any Text or Input Any HTML image Code.

    For Medal in Profile Use the foll Code :
    < *img src=/img/i_donut_badge.gif>

    Remove *

    __Debajyoti Das___

  2. ivilla says:

    There Is No such option.
    I searched in my profile and many of my friends edit profile page, I didn’t found this option in any one’s profile

  3. Gaurav says:

    @ivilla – You can take this profile as an example – http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=7598358499777098006

    Now, we also have hacks to display pictures and links on the status message part. I am also waiting for this feature rolled out for my profile before making those hacks public since that would make more sense.

    I guess we are doing our job well – informing you as it happens :)

  4. Apocalypse says:

    bt how can i put that medal or any other pic in my status or profile pls help guys.. :(

  5. devil.desperado says:

    guyz any other medal codes.. :O

    pls post it here or in my scrapbook link is


    pls.. :)

  6. Debajyoti says:

    Update »

    To use this feature,
    * Go to your Profile Edit option or Just your profile
    * Below your 1st name you will find Status Msg
    * Fill in your message and update your profile to complete the procedure.
    * For Medal in Profile Use the foll Code : < *img src=/img/i_donut_badge.gif> without *

    Check this profile for example – http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=7656263246597568622

    How it works ? – When ever you use a HTML code instead of a text in the Status Msg. The code gets Activated. Hence if you use an HTML image code such as < *img src=Link of Image> (without *).
    The any image can be displayed on Status msg. You Can as use Animated Gif images if you like.
    I like this smiley one. < *img src=http://www.animated-gifs.eu/menu/emoticons.gif>

    Read Details > http://realtrix.blogspot.com/2008/04/medal-in-your-orkut-profile-become-vip.html

  7. Pascal says:

    Now official

    BTW: I am from Germany and in orkut my country is set to Germany. I got access to orkut apps

  8. Himanshu Ranjan says:

    how can we make about me coloured?

  9. khushboo says:

    hey i dnt no hw 2 rite an html image code ????////??????///

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