7 More Beautiful Orkut Themes

Last week we unveiled how orkut users can very easily make their own orkut themes. Some orkut users have created some beautiful themes which we are sharing today. These are some of the themes i highly recommend.

» Installation Instructions and Requirements

To enjoy these themes, you’ll need to download Firefox since Internet Explorer does not support userscripts. Download Firefox from Power Tools section just below this post.

» Theme 1 – Harry Potter

» Theme 2 – City Life

» Theme 3 – NBA

» Theme 4 – Emma Watson

» Theme 5 – Firefox Rules

» Theme 6 – Puppy

» Theme 7 – Shah Rukh Khan

» Credits

Via SizzledCore | Created By Various Artists ;)

» Useful Links

Create Your Own Themes in a Single Click
Compelete set of themes on Orkut Plus
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  1. arif says:

    genelia orkut theme which fits the page

  2. shriya says:

    i am a BCA student..and i was searching for this application since 1 year..now i got it..thanks gaurav..bhaiya….thank u so much..i loved it..

  3. sahil says:

    gaurav bro i have installed script all that formalities i have done it is showing in manage scripts also ..but bro how to apply this theme on my orkut!

  4. dheeraj says:

    this is a very good website ……

  5. Anonymous says:

    sir hw to upload dis to our orkut profile

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