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First of all, sincere thanks to all of you from our side for making this announcement possible. Let us straight-a-way shoot to the announcements.

After orkut allowed HTML enabled scraps we always felt the need of adding stuff that could spice your orkut life a little more. Moreover, reader questions on how to send a songs in a scraps, where to find greetings or games didn’t help the cause either :D

We have finally decided to have a go at our next project which will be live soon – To cater all your orkut needs so that you dont have to search around to get stuff like greetings, games, flash, music and widgets. We have started to work on it. Since all hardwork we do is for all of you, we wish and hope you like it.

If you wish to see anything special included, let us know ;-)

As thank-you tokens, we are planing some giveaways very soon on Orkut Plus. We hope that you will appreciate the fact that we treasure your presence :-)

» Chilling your orkutting this summer –

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  1. says:

    Hey wow.

    I’m looking forward to these extensions Gaurav..
    When do you plan to release it?

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