Dear Orkut. Some Unknown Communities are Listed in ‘My Communities’ Page

Are you facing the same issue? Many others surely are. Today, while checking my communities i observed some unknown communities which were in the list. Strange it was. Moreover, when visited, the community provided an option to ‘join the community’. That was definitely a bad bug.

When manually joined and then unjoined, the communities were removed from the my communities page. If you are facing similar issue, you should follow the same procedure to remove such communities from your my communities page.

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  1. ∂нєєяคj ♪тн♪ says:

    Well I think its because you were invited to join that particular community even i faced this bug and i was invited to join the community so may be orkut is working on another tab like invites or something….

  2. Gaurav says:

    @dheeraj – surprisingly, some of the orkut members have “deleted communities” tab. This bug may possibly be because of that addition.

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