Future of Orkut Applications – Security, Privacy at Stake?

How will you feel when you open a profile of your friend and get an alert – ‘You Have Been Hacked’? Scary. Isn’t it? This is what is happening on orkut since past 48 hours. Who is the culprit? Our very popular typeracer application. Let us discuss this issue in detail.

» What is the Issue?

  • Anyone can add an alert in his or her orkut first and last name field.
  • When you play typeracer, alert start popping up.
  • Anyone who visits your profiles, will get a pop up alert with a message you set in the alert.
  • Anyone who has installed Typeracer in their apps list will face numerous alerts because it’s the only ‘hot’ thing happening all over orkut in last 48 hours.

» Security Concerns – Any?

It is just an alert. It cannot compromise your account. But it is seriously annoying in deed. You have to go through numerous pop ups if a friend has added typeracer in his applications list.

» Precautions

Remove Typeracer Application from your apps list at this point. You can add it later when issue is fixed.

» Who is the Hero?

Mr Nobody, who found the bug and used it beautifully to display his website in place of typeracer application space just below your profile.

» Status

Alert Still Remains. Security threat minimal. External links will not load.
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  1. G says:

    It is also recommended that firefox with the noscript addon be used, so that even if you visit any profile using typeracer, you are not bugged by these scripts.

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