Hack – Enjoy 10 Orkut Themes Before They are Live in Your Orkut Profiles

Orkut just introduced a stunning new feature – Orkut Themes for Orkut Addicts. Since this feature is not live on all profiles, majority of orkut users cannot enjoy the feature as of now. This post will change this statement for sure. Yes! you can enjoy the themes provided by orkut even if they are not available for you profile. How? Read on..

» Enjoying Orkut Themes Even if Feature is Not Live in Your profile

As usual, the magical greasemonkey userscripts have come to the rescue. We have userscripts for each orkut theme. You can install these userscripts to have a feel of orkut themes.

This hack is not compatible with Internet Explorer since it uses Greasemonkey, a Firefox Add-on. If you want to enjoy this and countless other hacks then Switch to Firefox. You can download firefox from the Power Tools section just below this post

Update – @guys – want a more sexier hack? :P

» Screenshot – Beach Theme

» Screenshot – Country Theme

» Screenshot – Season Theme

» Screenshot – Bus Stop Theme

» Screenshot – Autumn Theme

» Screenshot – Tiger Theme

» Screenshot – Winter Theme

» Screenshot – Jr001 Theme

» Screenshot – Snowman Theme

» Screenshot – Tea House Theme

» Update

Here is a hack to switch these themes randomly with ever page refresh
» Credits

Userscript created by Diogok. Individual Userscripts by Orkut Plus!
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  1. Funkx.com says:

    Wow man.. This is really cool. Thx a lot. Themes have not yet been enabled on my profile ;(

    So I’ll use this :D

  2. सौरभ says:

    Kewl Jerry bhai

  3. kaushik says:

    i want david gillmore themes.

  4. adit says:

    these themes r totally of no use!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tre no new themes it only the repetition of old themes it waste of tme!!!!!!!!!!

  5. haiiiiiiiiiii.. good themes

  6. mahesh says:

    i am unable to see my birthday update..even after changing the option inside to show(everyone)i am unable to see the update….after updating it is giving myself option

  7. this to good and very nice !!!

  8. nare says:

    old themes r tooooooo bore ,place new once’s,
    not screen shots .

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