Userscripts for Orkut Not Working? Tutorial To Get Them Working Again

As emails and questions are pouring in, this post is the answer to your question on why orkut userscripts have stopped working and how you can get them working again. To be specific, Indian (and Brazilian) orkut users are facing this problem because of the regional domain redirect by orkut as it is clear form the screenshot above. Here is a simple tutorial for Indian (and Brazilian) users to get their themes working again.

» Tutorial – Making Userscripts work again for Indian and Brazilian Orkut Users

  • Right click on the greasemonkey icon in your browser (bottom-right)
  • Choose Manage Userscripts option.

  • Now, choose the userscript you want to update (left hand menu).
  • Once you select the userscript, notice included pages section
  • Our aim is to add support for for indian users and for Brazilian users
  • Click on Add option

  • Edit all userscripts the same way and make sure you choose ok while exiting the main menu
  • That’s all. Enjoy yourself ;)

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  1. Debajyoti Das says:

    In fact there is a much simpler method According to me…

    Instead of configuring the scripts..
    Simply change the Domain from to .com


    This Change takes only 2 sec.

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