Yeah Baby! Orkut Officially Launches Themes a.k.a Skins for Orkut Addicts

Wow? Ah! just slipped outta your mouth..right? No..It’s not your fault. Blame it on orkut. They just introduced the coolest feature you’re gonna see this summer. Orkut has officially launched themes for orkut addicts. These themes are not yet live on
majority of orkut profiles, but don’t worry, we have all the insiders and screenshots for you. And even a work around to enjoy these even if your profile has not been updated with this feature yet ;)

» I Have This Feature. How to Operate It?

  • You can choose from different themes depending on your choice.
  • That’s all!

» I Want to Have a Feel of the Orkut Themes?

  • Stay tuned! Your post is next ;)

» Screenshots – Various Themes

» Credits

Thanks Demonoid for the screenshots and the news.
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  1. AJAY says:

    invalid page[:(]

  2. says:

    Wow. Gaurav.. u report news really fast.

    I havent got these sknis enabled in my site yet ;( I guess I’ll have to wait ;(

  3. kay says:

    omg… i havent gotten these yet :(

    why does america have to wait? :P
    but no faiirrr.
    when is it gunna be enabled for others? my friend in australia has it

  4. jag says:

    when is australia getting the themes application installed?????

  5. [...] Long time back I wrote about greasemonkey scripts and userstyle themes for changing orkut background. Over the time as orkut changed many of those themes stopped working, but now orkut officially launched few orkut themes and more will be added soon. One such theme I like is shown at the top. More themes can be seen at orkut plus. [...]

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