Get The Not-Yet-Released ‘Orkut Toolbar’ for Firefox 3.0

The beautiful Firefox 3.0 is out and those who have taken the feel of it must be enjoying the amazing functionalities of the new Firefox. Compatibility of addons is still a problem but they will be updated sooner than later. Meanwhile, those who are still reluctant to upgrade to Firefox 3 can have a breather because Google has upgraded it’s toolbar (Google Toolbar)to work with Firefox 3 and for orkut users, we have a compatible version of orkut toolbar commonly known as OTB.

Please note – Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 3.0 is not yet released but we have the compatible version for you. So get it now and enjoy orkutting to the full extent.

» What is Orkut Toolbar?

Orkut Toolbar helps you to format the text of your posts in the Orkut forums, easily access all common functions of orkut, create and manage custom signatures and insert and view images and flash movies in orkut posts, scraps and profiles.

With Orkut Toolbar all you need is type your entire text without any formatting code and then select the desired parts of text and apply the format using the toolbar buttons. Much like you do in OpenOffice, MS Word or any other text editor.

» Get the Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 3.0

If you haven’t taken a feel of Firefox 3.0 then i’ll seriously recommend you to get it because it is the mother of all browsers i have used till now.

You can download latest version of Firefox from Power tools section just below this post.

» Credits

Renato Rodrigues (Creator). Thanks Stanley for the latest version.

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