HtmlOrkut.Com – An Extension of What it has to Offer?

I hope you are aware that we are launching an extension of very soon. Here is a very short intro of our upcoming extension

» Send Songs in scraps

Choose from our huge list of latest and popular songs. Send them to your friends as scraps or create topics in your communities and entertain your community members with songs. Share opinions about your favorite artists, actors…

» 500+ Orkut Themes

Like an actor? Love Sania Mirza? Have a Crush on Rafel Nadal? Crazy about Transformers? We have got all of them. Incredibly, we will complete a 1000 themes in a couple of weeks.

» 700+ Games for your Scraps and Communities

Want to play multiplayer games with your community members? No problem. We will provide you the best out of the best very high quality games to make your life more entertaining. Play counter strike with your scrap book viewers..Transformers, Mario. We have everything in stock for you. Choose your game from our 25 popular categories and crack them all. Create records..Challenge your friends..

» 2000+ Graphics and Glitters

Hand picked graphics and glitters for your loved ones..Hate a guy..Choose from our wide variety of Insult Graphics and Glitters and tell them you dont give a Damn! If you are a broken heart..Tell the world you have been betrayed..Our graphics will make your emotions travel all over orkut. Love a babe? Too Shy to tell her? choose our amazingly cute and flirty graphics. Let her know someone cares for her…Even gift her a virtual teddy :P

» Generators

Create your own customized greeting cards in flash. Let her know how romantic are you..Send her a customized beating heart. Choose from our various generators to create crazy nick names, generators specifically for orkut, change message fonts real time and choose your favorite one…

» Widgets

Sell your own ringtones on orkut and generate revenue. Want a chatbox for your scrapbook or community? No problem..we have it. Create comics, Slideshows, Quiz and share them with your friends. Get widgets to track your community visitors and scrapbook visitors. Show off your books collection, embed a to-do list and show your friends and community members how creative you can be.


Choose from our vast collection of ASCII art. Even create your own. Send them to your friends and surprise them.

» Website Interface and Design

Very user friendly interface, Simple but refreshingly original resign with advanced one click methods to post anything directly to orkut, myspace, or facebook etc.

» Site – On the Day of It’s Launch

Even before it’s launch, I have made sure it is fully loaded. For you to browse the whole site, it will take around 15 days non stop work :)

I hope and pray you are waiting for its release as eagerly as we are waiting for the day of it’s launch. Thank you once again :)

Coming Very Soon – | an extension of

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  1. सौरभ says:

    “I hope and pray you are waiting for its release as eagerly as we are waiting for the day of it’s launch. Thank you once again :)

    By all means, ofcourse, without any doubt.

    Thanks to u. :)

  2. says:

    This is great to hear! Let me know when this launches (as I look forward to reviewing it!)


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