Joke – When Facebook met Orkut!

I just came across this funny piece of ‘Conversation between Orkut and Facebook’. Before you go ahead to read this funny joke, i just want to make clear that for me, nothing can replace orkut. So in short, no pun intended ;)

FacebookHey dude!
OrkutVadacum my dear friend, vadacum!
FacebookHey what was that?
OrkutI just shifted base to India. So just trying to Indianize myself!
FacebookYeah I can smell the curry and chicken tikka tandoori already.
OrkutHey you know we launched the must awaited Application feature on Orkut recently.
OrkutAnd we’re constantly adding more features every day.
FacebookOh! You mean new bugs everyday!
OrkutWhat do you mean bugs?
FacebookI mean those tiny new things you call ‘features’, you add these things
every single day and most of these are just bugs!
OrkutYou’re just j….j…..jealous….oh wait…Bad Bad Server!
No donuts for you! No No!
FacebookThere you go again!
OrkutAlright! I’m fine now! You see I’m still in Beta!
FacebookYou’ve lived in beta. You’ll die in beta Orkut!

Via HarryJerry

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