Gmail Gets a Big Security Update. I Want This One For Orkut Too!

Google has powered up gmail users security arsenal by introducing a new feature which displays IP addresses of locations where they logged in with their gmail accounts. This is a very handy feature since it would act as a Saviour in cases where user leaves the desk without logging out, and his data and accounts on orkut, blogger etc are left at the mercy of the next user who uses the same computer.

In such cases, a user can see if he is still logged in to his account from some other location. If yes, he can use the option to sign out on all other sessions. Now, as we all know that most of the orkut users use their Gmail account to log in to orkut. Thus this feature will also help them log out remotely from Gmail and thus Google ~ orkut.

This feature wont come in handy for those who don’t use a Gmail account to log in to orkut. I would wish Google provides the same option for so that we can log out remotely from all services we use from our Google account. If it’s too much for the asking, the same feature for orkut. This may also help in logging out tricksters who are logged in to someone else’s account using session cookies. Anyways, i am quite satisfied with your last login security feature

What do you guys think? Do you really want to see this feature on Orkut?

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  2. Pankaj Gupta says:

    yaa sure….it would be a great security enhancement

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