Go Mobile Orkut – Fring Integrates Orkut Addon!

You would be really excited to know that Fring, the largest service provider to enable us interact socially, has released it’s API. It’s the same interpretation as the Orkut Applications.

Now, you might be thinking what effect it would make on your daily Orkutting? Before answering this, let me first tell in brief what Fring really does.

Fring is an IM service provider, that integrates all the major IM available on your PC to work on your mobile seamlessly in a real time fashion. This means you can chat with your friends the same way as you do on your PC, using your mobile! Not only this it also provides a really very cheap VoIP service. If you want to know all of the services provided by Fring, check this out.

fringAdd-ons™ are a variety of cool new mobile internet applications, located inside the new Catalogue tab of the latest version of fring™, allowing you the chance to enjoy the internet from your mobile device* The fringAdd-on Catalog can be located by opening fring, and going to Options>Settings>Manage add-ons. From there, you can subscribe to any fringAdd-on by simply checking the corresponding box, and entering any log-in information requested. Please note, it may be necessary to set up an account for the services of a particular fringAdd-on on the service’s own web site, before subscribing inside fring. The Catalog will be automatically updated with new and exciting fringAdd-ons as they are developed, so go and take a look regularly to see what’s new. Developers interested in creating fringAdd-ons please click here for our Developers site.

Introducing Fring API, means developers developing more addons/applications to work with fring. How can the Orkut fever lag behind! With effect from July, you can use Orkut “seamlessly and in real time fashion” from your mobiles using fring client.

  • Activate your GPRS subscription on the mobile
  • Just download the recent version of Fring from here and you are ready to go!

Here is the list of all the available addons. Can Orkutting get easier than this?

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  1. Fringing all the way…….

    It sound Good ……or i should say gr8….VoIP through mobile GPRS or EDGE will be much cheaper than standard rates also the feature of transferring files is also cool..this app rocks maan…

    What the future may hold…

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