Google Says – Orkut.co.in is a Web Forgery!

Are you still using the Indian Version of Orkut? No..Wait..Don’t jump to conclusions. There is a little confusion – thanks to Google.

Strangely, Firefox for some reason is reporting the Indian Version of orkut – orkut.co.in as a web forgery all thanks to the overgrown anti-phishing firefox feature which is actually powered by Google.

So, how much careless behavior it takes to advertise your own product as a web forgery to million of users? Clicking on the this isn’t a web forgery takes you to a form submission page powered by Google.

You can also report the incorrect forgery alert to Google and remind them that orkut is their own product.

If you are getting irritated and bugged by this warning again and again, you can resolve this issue locally on your machine (NOT RECOMMENDED)

  • In Your Firefox top menu, open tools menu.
  • Choose options.
  • In the security tab, uncheck – Tell me if the site I’m visiting is a suspected forgery
  • Done!
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  1. MonSteR says:


    It redirects me to orkut.com automatically on firefox 3

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