Orkut Myths – Yes! They are All Wrong..

Shockingly, i see a majority of orkut users believing something that is highly impractical and logic less. For instance, i was chatting with a ‘highly educated’ guy and we were discussing something relating orkut. Suddenly he threw up a comment on Orkut Buyukkokten, the creator of orkut. I was a little bit shocked first and then laughed at his comment.

What was the comment?

  • He gets $200 for each photograph you upload on Orkut.
  • This person might become the richest-person in the world by the end of 2009.

I cleared his misconception at that point of time. But i was astonished to analyze that this hoax had a bigger audience

I surfed around to find some more funny stuff about orkut

  • Orkut Buyukkokten(the creator of Orkut) gets $12 when every person registers to this website.
  • He also gets $10 when you add somebody as a friend.
  • He gets $8 when your friend’s friend adds you as a friend & gets $6 if anybody adds you as a friend in the resulting chain.
  • He gets $5 when you scrap somebody & $4 when somebody scraps you.
  • He also gets $200 for each photograph you upload on Orkut.
  • He gets $2.5 when you add your friend in the crush-list or in the hot-list.
  • He gets $2 when you become somebody’s fan.
  • He gets $1.5 when somebody else becomes your fan.
  • He even gets $1 every time you logout of Orkut.
  • He gets $0.5 every time you just change your profile-photograph.
  • He also gets $0.5 every time you read your friend’s scrap-book & $0.5 every time you view your friend’s friend-list.
  • Many Global Financial Consultants think this person might become the richest-person in the world by the end of 2009.
  • Finally, this is the best fact. This person has 13 assistants to monitor his scrapbook & 8 assistants to monitor his friends-list. He gets around 20,000 friend-requests a day & about 85,000 scraps a day.

The last point is hilarious :D

Okay..we had quite a bit of fun, now it’s time for the real thing. All these points are incorrect and there is no as-such practice. If you wish to know more on how Google handles take overs and it’s baby companies, i will highly recommend you to read – The Google Story by David A. Vise

Orkut Buyukkokten may not become the richest my 2009 but he for sure is getting married to his boyfriend. So from now on, laugh at such incorrect chain emails and clear misconceptions of your friends too :-)

You can read some more misconceptions relating orkut which were covered by Rahul some time back.

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  9 Comments on this Article.

  1. $5 if you scrap somebody and $4 if somebody scraps you. Point to be noted here is that both me and that somebody are somebody for orkut. If this somebody fact is true, in a scrap exchange, orkut has to earn $5+$4=$9 as somebody is scrapping somebody else as both are some other somebody for orkut. :D

  2. Man, I can’t belive that Orkut is Gay…

  3. Shreyas says:

    IS HE GAY?

  4. ∂нєєяคj-ipf™ says:

    well what i think is that the data can be true but not completely

    if we look out there are ads placed everywhere so he might be getting a handsome cash but never $200 for sure lol

  5. Can I know what is Orkut’s profile ? I mean the creator of orkut ?

  6. Gaurav Dua says:

    @krazy – I guess his profile is no longer available on orkut.

  7. Gaurav says:

    If he gets that much money, who is paying him :P Google people aren’t fools ;)

  8. @Krazy
    Check orkut creators profile

    @Gaurav Dua
    It may happen orkut was down when you tried. Or being creator he might have set his profile hidden from you… :D

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