Winners – Orkut Plus Giveaway #1

You must be aware that we announced a giveaway on Orkut Plus some time back. We underwent a lucky draw in which around 2859 Email Subscribers (verified and unverified) were entered. We randomized the list – Thanks Random.Org and the first 3 verified and active email subscribers were chosen for 1 rapidshare premium account each. These were – Sameer Jain, Adriano and Abhishek Ranjan.

Community Owner Sawan won one rapidshare premium account. Not satisfied with other entries, I did an out of the way search to Find our Next Winner – Ramon Sampaio who created a tutorial for Brazilian users on youtube on how to install themes from You can watch the video here

Prateek Singh* won one premium account for listing his webpage as He never participated in the contest – we found him :)

» Winners – Names and Orkut Profile Links

» How to Claim Your Prizes?

We have sent the winners an email + scrap (and friend requests to those who have disabled scraps from non friends). Please scrap me or email me at to claim your prize.

*Saurabh Sawant was the selected winner. He gifted his Rapidshare Account to the next in the draw (Prateek Singh).

Thanks for everyone who participated. Don’t get disappointed, we are very near in starting a ‘bigger’ giveaway very soon. Also, don’t forget to check our upcoming extension

Good NewsOrkut Plus! in Top 50K

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  1. सौरभ says:

    Bhai, its Saurabh :)

    Thnx for writing down my name in the topic :p

  2. Rajesh says:

    Congrats to all winners ! better luck for me next time ! :)

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