A Fake Profile Has Listed My Phone Number – How to Get It Down?

I have received many emails on the same subject. Orkut does not have a specific report form for this issue but since this scenario may fall in impersonation category, we will make use of impersonation complaint form and add some additional details so that we can convince orkut staff that the profile which is listing your phone number is not yours hence will help in removal of the profile from orkut.

» Getting Fake Profile With Your Phone Number Down

Now, the first and foremost thing you should do is to fill out an impersonation form. Follow the instructions below to know the requirements and procedure.

  • Scan a recent bill statement of your phone number.
  • Navigate to Impersonation Complaint form and fill it.
  • Fill in the required details.
  • Attach your scanned bill statement which will prove the fact that you own the phone number.
  • Important – Do not ask anyone to do it on your behalf else your complaint wont be considered.

Now, we have directly conveyed our problem to orkut, but there may be a slightest chance that orkut may take a lot of time to respond. Now below stated instructions will allow your word to reach the desk of orkut moderators.

  • Post your situation in Orkut Help Group
  • Important – Do NOT post your scanned phone bill there.
  • Approach Orkuteers. They are in direct contact with orkut moderators.
  • Done! Now play the waiting game. Give them more details if you are asked for.

This will effectively put enough pressure on orkut moderators which should result in removal of the fake profile. You can follow a similar procedure (replace phone bill with your scanned ID card) to get your fake profile down which is using your picture or number or address in short, is impersonating or harassing you.

If you have any other effective suggestions or question, do share with us..

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