Site News – What’s New and What ‘Awesome Stuff’ is Coming?

We recently made a few changes to speed up the site and implemented some simple, basic and thoughtful steps to make user browsing experience more fun and importantly more faster and hassle free. I will very quickly brief you on what’s new and how and where can you use new features to browse more and more stuf in minimal time and find the stuff you are looking for.

I will also be briefing you about some great stuff we are adding to the site. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this. ;)

Tips to Power Your Browsing Experience on Orkut Plus

  • Use Categories – To cut down your search on a particular topic use categories. Narrow your search using categories. For instance, you want to search for some mods or tools or tricks for the infamous orkut applications, you should choose the orkut apps categroy and each and every post related to orkut applications will be displayed. Read the next tip to know why this is the best and the fastest way to narrow down your searches thus saving a lot of time.

Categories are located at the middle-right section of the right sidebar.

  • Archives or Category Pages are Clean, Super fast and Highly Productive

This is one of my favorite updates. Whenever you wish to surf the site via archives and categories, you will only see the post titles and the whole post will not load.

This will help you to quickly choose and open interesting-to-you topics at the same time allowing you to view other posts in this category with very handy navigation options.

  • More Stuff Below Every Post to Feed Your Hunger

Below every post, you will find more posts to feed your orkut hunger.

Share This – Post, email or bookmark the post to any bookmarking service. Even post updates directly to your orkut profile. Tell your friends if you find an important post whether it’s related to impersonation on orkut or an XSS hole detected or an awesome hack you just read.

Related posts option is a very essential feature which displays posts related to what you are viewing right now. So it’s obvious that it should be of more interest to you.

Recent Comments – Follow up the conversations on topics that make interest to you. Some comments share interesting hacks. Do not miss a chance to converse and share your opinion with one of the greatest minds ever on orkut – Rodrigo Lacerada, or for that sake our very famous Orkuteer – Prashant. Stay updated using this feature to see what’s hot and buzzing.

Recent Posts – In a hurry? or Too lazy to navigate to the front page to check if anything new is posts? Then Cross-check using Recent Posts feature if anything new is posted since last time you browsed the website.

Random Posts - There is a set of random posts which are displayed below every post. You can find some really interesting stuff if you are new to the site or are/were too lazy to browse the whole site.

These were some tips to make your browsing experience more fruitful. Now let us go on to the next big thing.

What ‘Awesome Stuff’ is Coming Up?

Well, there are loads of stuff which we are integrating to the site. Here is a list of stuff which you are going to see very very soon

1 – Php Based Orkut Toolkits – Scrapbook flooders, poll voters, and stuff like that. What’s Special? These are very supreme quality tools integrated which will be integrated to the site and you need not download anything – you will just need to login and we’ll do the rest for you :D

2 – Interesting Orkut Tools – Some more tools like, Notification via email when anyone reads your scrapbook and Orkut Scraps Via Sms for FREE! :P

3 – A Whole New Dimension of Posts – We have made a list of To-Post Posts which will cover a different dimension of orkutting. Get ready to enjoy all new dimension of orkut and Orkut Plus! :D

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions ;)

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    Orkut plus is gr8..Many new tricks can be found on it..

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