Check Yahoo! Mail and Gmail on Orkut

If you remember, some time back we reviewed an orkut application whichenabled gmail orkut users to check their emails on orkut. Today we will review yet another application which will enable you to check your Yahoo! Emails on orkut. Thus, users can check both Yahoo! as well as Gmail emails on orkut using the respective orkut applcations

Orkut Application Review – Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Email application allows yahoo orkut users to check their emails on orkut itself. The application is pretty quick to load since it uses the mobile version of yahoo mail which cuts down heavy loading. All in all, cool for those who are addicted to orkut at the same time get butterflies now and then checking their email inbox.

Installation and Usage

  • Install Yahoo! Mail Orkut Application
  • Just navigate to the application page and login to check your emails.
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  1. Pushpinder says:

    surely a nice catch here yeah

  2. wesley says:

    xexele gostaria de mudar o fundo do orkut mais eu nao sei mudar eu estou aprendendo neste azato momento

  3. jijo says:

    I just love the theme creator inside this.I have made may theme of my own with the help of this theme creator. But my doubt is tht , orkut is a part of google,and google have much many theme in it…u can even check it….but y these theme are not published in orkut…and can u make such application wich can view our own made theme whole over worls..i mean which can be viewed by everyone???

  4. stefanie says:

    oie essi orkut plus! e muito bom

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