AutoScrap Reply Bot – Set and Send Auto Replies To Your Scraps

AutoScrap reply bot the next and one of the most awesome :) and exclusive additions to our Orkut Toolkit. AutoScrap Reply Bot is an exclusive service by Orkut Plus! :P which will allow you to set an auto reply message which will be scrapped to orkut members who send you a scrap.

Let me explain how this exactly works. :D

AutoScrap Reply Bot – What’s That?
  • You signup for AutoScrap Reply Bot.
  • You get a code which you embed in your scrapbook.
  • Now, whenever anyone posts you a scrap, he gets your set reply message automatically and his scrap is either kept or deleted from your scrapbook depending on the option you choose.
  • The your received scraps are stored in your Scraps Page on Orkut Plus!.
  • Yes! You will have your own Scraps Control Panel Page.
  • You can access and read or delete the scraps on your scrap page at Orkut Plus!.
  • We have made it quite flexible. Signup and enjoy this awesome and exclusive service.
    You can delete your account anytime you wish to hence disabling the service.
Usage Guide and Tutorial

  • You need Sign up using your orkut account since the whole process is automated.
  • Have a look at the 3rd option. Enter Reply Message. This will add your reply depicted in step 4 to the default message.
  • Now 5th option is Important. You should check delete scraps option for optimum performance. This option will delete new scraps from your scrapbook and store a copy in your Scraps Control Panel where you can read, delete and manage your scraps. If you want to keep scraps there is no big issue just that multiple replies will be sent to scraps which were posted after you embed the code which is directly proportional to your scrapbook views. Checking delete scraps is just a precaution to avoid your account from freezing for sending mass scraps and nothing more.

  • Choosing Submit would take you to the second page where you would get the code which you have to embed or past in your scrapbook as a scrap.
  • Once you embed the code, your new scraps will be auto-replied and deleted or kept in your scrapbook depending on the option you select (See option 5th)
  • A copy of new scrap will also be stored in your scraps control panel. (you will have options enabled one you are on the second page).
  • 8th option depicts Whats Next Section. This section would guide you further.
  • You can deactivate and delete your account anytime from your control panel.
  • To deactivate auto-scrap replies for the time being, you should delete the scrap you posted with the embed code.
  • You can get your code again after logging into your account.
  • Have Fun :P

Let me know if you have any question or queries. And do comment how did you like this exclusive service :D

Note - Since this is a purely automated procedure you need to register with your orkut account. Please be rest assured that your details will not be used in anyway except for this autobot or will not be sold. When you close this service for your ID, your information will automatically be deleted. Please read our privacy policy if you have any questions.

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    @Gaurav Dua: Thanks Gaurav! Does it works for users using English-US language? Or does it works only for users in India? I could only change this settings if necessary…

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