Get Notified Via Email when Anyone Reads Your Scrapbook

If you guys remember, i promised you all to host this script which became quite popular when i posted about it a couple of months back. So fulfilling that promise and with the wish of the script owner – Orkuteer Prashant, I announce the next tool in our Orkut ToolkitRead Mail.

If you are new to Orkut Plus! then you probably don’t not know much about Read Mail. Let me brief you on that.

What is Read Mail?

Readmail is a free service which provides you with a code which when posted as a scrap in your scrapbook will notify or alert you whenever someone visits your scrapbook via email. We we will be also incorporating some new little options namely – Tracking Operating System Platform and browser of the scrapbook viewer.

This code can also be used for tracking your emails and getting notified when it has been read and getting information like IP address of the person who reads your email. (And also browser and OS information after the next update.

Using Read Mail
  • Navigate to Read Mail Tool Page
  • In the first option, enter the email address you’ll like to recieve alerts on.

  • In the second option, enter the desired Subject (you may wanna direct all alerts to a specified folder using mail filter options)
  • In the third step choose what detail you want to recieve like IP Address. (Browser Info or Operating System coming soon!)
  • Choose the Generate option.

  • Now, you’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll get a code.
  • Embed this code in your scrapbook.
  • Now whenever anyone will visit your scrapbook, you will get an email with the selected details.

This is the third tool in our Orkut Toolkit. You can view all the tools here. Stay subscribed or subscribe via email if you haven’t as yet because you cannot afford to miss the tools lined up next ;)

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  1. Please fix it soon, we all are waiting for it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gaurav, request you to pls find some workaround for this spam issue.

  3. Deep says:

    Gaurav, i have just read all the comments posted here, and it seems this is very much interesting and i desparately needed this kinda trick. Please fix this spam problem soon. Thanx…

  4. chintan says:

    how do i embed it in the scrapbook?

  5. aasy says:

    hey m nu to orkut plus
    i found it intresting but gaurav can u jst luk at this issue,as i tried to post it in my scrapbuk it moved it to spam folder..y was it so/.

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      Orkut sends all links from orkutplus.net to spam. We can fix this by changing our directory to another site of ours..

      I’ll look into the matter and make a fresh post with the updates.

      Thanks for you patience..

  6. Gautami says:

    Is the scrap all thing working?? coz whenever i try scrappin all using this,it never works!!

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